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FutureFlite® Lumbar Support

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Plus several maior airlines who wish to keep pending seat upgrade programs confidential.

This is a cost-effective method to provide an enormous comfort improvement and attract more passengers.


Successful major airlines and leading international long-distance carriers are upgrading their seats with new comfort features at a remarkable rate. A widely used example is the unique Adjustable Lumbar Support from FutureFlite? Inc., a superior cost-effective addition to any fleet, especially in long range economy Class, where proper sitting posture is most important, and where discomfort is most evident on long flights.

Current market research shows that back ache is still the number one problem identified in many airline surveys. Passengers often complain of pain or stiffness in their lower backs because of improper contouring of backresct cushions and lack of individual adjustment capability.

It is obvious that one fixed size/shape can not fit all people. Whether it is a traditional flat backrest or curved shape (with fixed/protruding lumbar padding), it is impossible to please everyone. Who can stay comfortable in one “fixed” position for five to fifteen hours? On such long flights we all need to change position frequenfly, to relieve discomfort in muscles, to enhance circulation and provide optimal biomechanical weight distribution on spinal joints. A backrest profile that is individually adjustable in the lumbar region has proven to be the only workable solution to achieve ergonomically-correct seating.

Seats are the airlines? most direct interface with customers. While adjustable lumbar supports have already become mandatory equipment in all modern First and Business Class seats, coach passengers were often neglected in the past because of cost or unsuitable technology. Thanks to a breakthrough invention, this highly desirable comfort feature is now available for all passengers.

As more frequent business travelers must fly in Economy these days, and non-stop flights are getting longer, comfortable coach seating has become a more significant issue to attract and retain customers. New Business Class seats are being upgraded to the comfort level that was previously available only in First Class. This permlts enough room to upgrade new-generation Tourist Class as well. Considering seat width and pitch spacing limitations, the Adjustable Lumbar Support is the most sensible addition. Many innovative industry leaders are finding that the minimal investment required to upgrade fleets and promote this competitive advantage is being returned to airlines time and time again!

The FutureFlite lumbar products were developed specifically for airline passenger seats and do not require any electrical power. A familiar, user-friendly push-button in the seat armrest is all that is required to activate a spring-loaded lumbar support panel. The FutureFlite line of products provide vastly enhahced comfort to the flying public with a high quality, low cost device that is extremely durable to ensure many years of trouble-free and maintenance-free operation. Thousands of our units have been field-proven by numerous airlines worldwide to become the industry benchmark.

After many years of continuing improvement and meticulous testing, FutureFlite continues its tradition of innovation and takes great pride in introducing our newest and finest Adjustable Lumbar Support models which set new standards in design simplicity,reliability, and passenger comfort.

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