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At FutureFlite?, Inc. we have some very good long term contacts within the unique aircraft seating industry. Our authorizations from aviation authorities, in addition to these contacts, makes us a great link for Third-Party Manufacturers who are interested in introducing their quality products for Airlines around the world, but are unable to do so directly.

We already have several such new products successfully introduced to our very conservative aircraft interiors field. It took some time to have some novel items accepted by the industry, but such new products have been established as a new standard today.

We are also pleased to announce that we are currently working on our own IFE system for airline passenger seats which is very advanced, very competitive, yet reasonably priced. Therefore, it is intended for these small and mid-size airlines who could not yet afford the veryhigh cost of existing IFE from established suppliers.

Needless to say, that our unique ability to ?marry? these two different products; the airline passenger seat and its electronic IFE equipment, into one harmonious assembly is always desirable, to lower the cost of certification, the cost of acquisition, and the cost of ownership. FutureFlite?, Inc. really is the one-stop shop for such integrated Seat and affordable IFE assembly.

Thank you for your attention and courteous consideration, please contact us in full confidence to establish how we can best fulfill your specific needs related to Airline Passenger Seats.

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