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Airline Passenger Seats

At FutureFlite?, Inc. we are qualified to perform any repairs or modifications to any aircraft seats from any other OEM manufacturers.

Considering our long-term experience in this field, in August 2000 the FAA authorized us for ?Removal and Installation, Modification, Alteration, Repair, Replace, Refurbish and Overhaul of 9g and 16g Seats and their related components including IFE In-Flight Entertainment and Communication Equipment?. This was for all types of aircraft seats, including Airline Passenger Seats, Flight Attendant and Flight Crew Seats, that were made by seventeen (17) different OEM Manufacturers worldwide.

It is a very rare privilege to be able to re-work, then re-test and re-certify any 16g seat from any OEM Manufacturer worldwide, as not many companies are either capable or willing to do so.

So we would like to extend our offer of Repair & Modification services to these Airlines who have a larger installed base of older but still good seats, or need to modify, then re-test and re-certify their existing seats for whatever reason.

At FutureFlite?, Inc. we are uniquely qualified and positioned to assure success of your existing aircraft seat modification projects, and we would be honored by the opportunity to do so.

Please contact us in full confidence with your specific requirements.

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