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Custom Manufacturing Services

Airline Passenger Seats

At FutureFlite?, Inc. we have all the required FAA-PAH (Production Approval Holder) authorizations (since 1998) necessary to manufacture Airline Passenger Seats under FAA regulations.

We are very experienced in all aspects of the Airline Aircraft Interiors field (since 1980), and in addition to our original Custom-Design & Development services, we are also engaged in Contract Manufacturing of Airline Passenger Seats for ourselves and for others, for our Customers and for other third parties, to manufacture aircraft seats to their specifications.

Our FAA authorizations permit us to manufacture any new aircraft seats, and to rework and modify any existing aircraft seats (covered separately under our Repair & Modification Services).

We would like to extend our offer of Custom-Manufacturing Services to the most demanding Airline and VIP Customers, especially to all these smaller and medium-size Airlines who may feel neglected by the Big Seat Manufacturers, whose main focus is naturally on the Big Airlines.

At FutureFlite?, Inc. we are uniquely qualified and positioned to take care of your small or mid-size seating programs, to deliver new seats on-time and on-budget, and we would be honored by the opportunity to do so.

Please contact us in full confidence with your specific requirements, we will keep your inquiry strictly confidential, just as we have kept all our other Customer?s information over all these years.

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