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Next Generation Airline Passenger Seats

FutureFlite?, Inc. is a FAA / PMA-TSO approved manufacturing facility. An independently owned small business aviation services company, that is highly specialized and experienced in scientific research, design, development, 16g testing and FAA certification of next generation airline passenger seats. The company is also specializing in cost-effective retrofit of existing airline passenger seats, custom-design of aircraft seats, custom manufacturing services, and in worldwide distribution services of any related products in the field of airline passenger seats.

FutureFlite?, Inc. is noted in the aviation industry for the quality and elegant simplicity of our innovative seat designs for all types of aircraft seats. Working in this unique industry continuallysince 1980, FutureFlite? has been:


  • Independently designing and testing advanced high-quality aircraft seats and related comfort equipment for Major Seat Manufacturers and Airlines Worldwide.
  • Contracted by a Major Seat Manufacturer in the USA to design a number of advanced 16g passenger seats for Airbus, Boeing, McDonnel Douglas and other aircraft, including First, Business and Economy Class seats (seat Models available upon request).
  • Designed the first-ever Electric-Powered First Class seat (for a Major Manufacturer in 1986).
  • Designed the first-ever Lay-Flat First Class seat (for a Major Manufacturer in 1986).
  • Contracted by a Major Sear Manufacturer in the USA to design a special 16g AFT- Facing military troop seat for heavy transport planes and also contracted to design various Crew Seats for Civil and Military aircraft.
  • Contracted by a Major Seat Manufacturer in Asia to help develop subpagecarbon composite parts for Custom-Designed next-generation Economy Class seat (in 2000-2001).
  • Contracted by a Major Seat Manufacturer in Europe to help develop a Custom-Designed next-generation Economy Class seats (in 2005).
  • Contracted by various Airlines to assist them with independent consultation during PDR, CDR and other meetings with Seat Manufacturers during airline fleet renewal programs.
  • Manufacturer and Distributor of FutureFlite-patented Adjustable Lumbar Support for airline passenger seats, which is also used in Boeing?s new B787 Crew Seats.
  • Developed light-weight carbon composite backrests and other all-composite parts for airline passenger seats. We are very familiar with composite construction of high- performance sailplanes, for many years.
  • Recognized for excellence of design of complete B777 crew rest modules, including structural, pressure and floor interface loads, static and dynamic load testing, weight considerations, flammability (under sub-contract with a major Manufacturer in the USA).
  • Awarded several U.S. and international patents for aircraft seats and comfort equipment, also for advanced research and testing to solve safety problems with 16g dynamic testing to reduce HIC (head strike) on aircraft bulkheads and to minimize other strike hazards.


An accomplished Integrated Product Development Team partner, we collaborate closely and effectively with the FAA, airframe makers, airlines, suppliers to the airline seating industry, and other highly specialized partners, during both new seat programs and existing seat upgrade programs.

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